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Expense Claim


This documentation is incomplete.

Expense Header

Expense claim functionality in inoERP helps organizations automate business expenses entry, approval, and payment processes.

  • Employees can create expense claims against expenses incurred for various business activities.
  • Employees can attach expense bills/receipts.
  • Managers can review the expense claims with all the attachments
  • Managers can approve/reject/require more info

To create/view/update the expense claim, navigate to the "expense header" screen from your dashboard/favorite.

Enter the expense claim details or other criteria in the search form and click on the search button to view an existing expense claim.

If you don't enter any search criteria, the system will show you all the expense claims. If your organization has configured to make any field mandatory for search, you must enter those fields to search expense claims.
The application will fetch all the server data and take you to the search result screen. The search result screen looks a bit different on desktop and mobile devices.

If you click on the create new button, the system will open a simple step form to create a new expense claim. You can click on the detail right bottom to view all the fields available for the object.

To view the search result in a table format, click on the table icon in the bottom left corner.

To view specific expense claim details, click on the menu of that record, and click on view/fetch & view.

You can also click on the expand icon against any item on the search result screen to view the expense claim header details such as description, purpose, etc.

The system will fetch all the selected document detail line data. Depending on the device size, the document details are shown either right to the search result screen or on a separate screen.

Total Claim Amount: A read-only field that shows the sum of the all line amounts in the claim

Claim Description: Enter a meaningful description for the expense claim. It's a mandatory field.

Total Receipt Amount: A read-only field that shows the sum of the all line amounts in the claim with a receipt

Approval Status: A read-only field that shows the current status of the claim

Scroll left, right, up, and down to view all the details. The document line and details are shown in a separate tab. The default configuration shows fields in various functional groups, such as

  • Finance
  • Entity
  • Reference
  • Data
  • Control
  • Etc

You can configure the application to show which fields should be shown under which group. You can also create new groups as per your business requirements.

All Fields
SequenceNameLabelInputTypeField Group
10hrExpenseHeaderIdHr Expense Header IdInputType.textREFERENCE
10hrEmployeeIdHr Employee IddefferedSelectREFERENCE
20claimDescriptionClaim DescriptionInputType.textFieldDEFAULT
30detailDescriptionDetail DescriptionInputType.textFieldDEFAULT
40claimNumberClaim NumberInputType.textFieldDATA
50approvalStatusApproval StatusInputType.textCONTROL
60exchangeRateTypeExchange Rate TypedefferedSelectCONTROL
70exchangeRateExchange RateInputType.textFieldFINANCE
80departmentIdDepartment IdInputType.textREFERENCE
90claimDateClaim DateInputType.dateDATE
100approvedDateApproved DateInputType.dateDATE
110approvedByApproved ByInputType.textFieldDEFAULT
120approvedByEmployeeIdApproved By Employee IdInputType.textREFERENCE
140expenseTemplateIdExpense Template IdInputType.textREFERENCE
160docCurrencyDoc CurrencydefferedSelectFINANCE
170headerAmountHeader AmountInputType.textFieldFINANCE
190contactDetailsContact DetailsInputType.textFieldDEFAULT
240glAcProfileHeaderIdGl Ac Profile Header IddefferedSelectREFERENCE
250srcEntityNameSrc Entity NamedefferedSelectDEFAULT
260srcEntityIdSrc Entity IdInputType.textREFERENCE
5200createdByCreated ByInputType.textREFERENCE
5210creationDateCreation DateInputType.textREFERENCE
5220lastUpdatedByLast Updated ByInputType.textREFERENCE
5230lastUpdateDateLast Update DateInputType.textREFERENCE

Expense Items

You can add multiple expense claim items to each expense claim header. Each expense claim item shows an expense claim amount, receipt amount, expense type, etc.

Navigate to the "expense line" tab to view/add/update expense claim items.
Click on the add new entity to add a new line. If a line already exists, click on copy entity to copy all the details. You can enable/disable fields allowed to be copied in the menu configuration.

purpose: Purpose is a mandatory free text field. Enter a purpose for the expense item.

Claim Amount: Enter a numeric value in the claim field. The sum of all claim amounts is shown in the claim header as the total claim amount.

Scroll left, right, up, and down view all other fields.

The default configuration shows fields in various functional groups, such as

  • Reference
  • Control
  • Etc

You can configure the application to show which fields should be shown under which group. You can also create new groups as per your business requirements.

Enter all the other fields and click on the save button to save the expense claim. The app will post all the data to the server and show the messages returned from the server.

All Fields
SequenceNameLabelInputTypeField Group
10hrExpenseLineIdHr Expense Line IdInputType.textREFERENCE
10hrExpenseHeaderIdHr Expense Header IdInputType.textREFERENCE
20lineNumberLine NumberInputType.textFieldDATA
30claimDateClaim DateInputType.dateDATE
40claimAmountClaim AmountInputType.textFieldFINANCE
60receiptAmountReceipt AmountInputType.textFieldPLANNING
70receiptCurrencyReceipt CurrencydefferedSelectPLANNING
80expenseTypeExpense TypeInputType.textFieldCONTROL
90startDateStart DateInputType.dateDATE
100dailyRateDaily RateInputType.textFieldFINANCE
110noOfDaysNo Of DaysInputType.numberDEFAULT
120expenseLocationExpense LocationInputType.textFieldENTITY
130vendorNameVendor NameInputType.textFieldDEFAULT
140vendorDetailsVendor DetailsInputType.textFieldDEFAULT
150originalReceiptMissingCbOriginal Receipt Missing CbInputType.switchFieldPLANNING
160exchangeRateExchange RateInputType.textFieldFINANCE
170perDiemRatePer Diem RateInputType.textFieldFINANCE
180perDiemDaysPer Diem DaysInputType.textFieldDEFAULT
190mileageUomIdMileage Uom IddefferedSelectREFERENCE
200mileageDistaceMileage DistaceInputType.textFieldDEFAULT
210mileageRateMileage RateInputType.textFieldFINANCE
220ccTransactionIdCc Transaction IdInputType.textREFERENCE
230ccTransactionDateCc Transaction DateInputType.dateDATE
240ccAgeCc AgeInputType.numberDEFAULT
250ccTransactionAmountCc Transaction AmountInputType.textFieldFINANCE
300docStatusDoc StatusInputType.selectCONTROL
310srcEntityNameSrc Entity NamedefferedSelectDEFAULT
320srcEntityIdSrc Entity IdInputType.textREFERENCE
5260createdByCreated ByInputType.textREFERENCE
5270creationDateCreation DateInputType.textREFERENCE
5280lastUpdatedByLast Updated ByInputType.textREFERENCE
5290lastUpdateDateLast Update DateInputType.textREFERENCE


Use actions to start the approval process of an expense claim.