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This documentation is incomplete.

An AP payment is a document created by a business to record payments made to a supplier. If the payment is received against an open invoice, you can match the supplier invoice. Matching a payment to an invoice reduces supplier open balance.

In inoERP, you can create a payment using the payment screen or the payment button available on the invoice action tab. You can also create a payment by manually entering all the required information such as supplier, currency, amount, date, etc. Payment consists of

  • Header
  • Line
  • Detail

A payment header contains the supplier, business unit, currency-related information.

To view/create/update a payment, navigate to the "payment" search screen from your dashboard/favorite.

Enter the organization/payment details or any other criteria in the search form and click on the search button to view an existing payment.
Click on create a new button to create a new payment; by manually entering all the information, Copy an existing payment to a new payment is always better than manually entering all the data to create a new payment. The application lets you update all the details before confirmation; you can configure which fields are view-only after the confirmation.

If you don't enter organization/supplier details, the system will show you all the payments. If your organization has configured to make any field mandatory for search, then you have to enter those fields to search payments.
The application will fetch all the server data and take you to the search result screen. The search result screen looks a bit different on desktop and mobile devices.

To view the search result in a table format, click on the table icon available on the bottom left corner.

To open a specific payment, click on the menu of that record, and click on view/fetch & view.

You can also click on the expand icon against any item on the search result screen to view the payment header details such as payment number, quantities, start date, status, etc.

The system will fetch all the data related to the selected payment. Depending on the device size, the payment details are shown either right to the search result screen or on a separate screen.

Scroll left, right, up, down to view all the details. The payment line and details are shown in a separate tab. The default configuration shows fields in various functional groups such as

  • Finance
  • Entity
  • Reference
  • Data
  • Control
  • Etc

You can configure the application to show which fields should be shown under which group. You can also create new groups as per your business requirements.

All Fields
NameSequenceLabelInputTypeField Group
10vvBuOrgBu OrgdeferredSelectENTITY
10vvBuOrgCodeBu Org CodedeferredSelectENTITY
20vvSupplierNumberSupplier NumberdeferredSelectDATA
30vvSupplierNameSupplier NamedeferredSelectENTITY
40vvSupplierSiteNumberSupplier Site NumberdeferredSelectDATA
50vvSupplierSiteNameSupplier Site NamedeferredSelectENTITY
60vvPaymentTermPayment TermdeferredSelectFINANCE
70vvPaymentTermDescriptionPayment Term DescriptionInputType.textFieldFINANCE
80vvBillToAddressNameBill To Address NamedeferredSelectPLANNING
90vvBillToAddressBill To AddressdeferredSelectPLANNING
100vvBillToCountryBill To CountrydeferredSelectPLANNING
110vvBillToPostalCodeBill To Postal CodedeferredSelectPLANNING
120vvBillToEmailBill To EmaildeferredSelectPLANNING
130vvBillToPhoneBill To PhonedeferredSelectPLANNING
140vvHeaderAmountHeader AmountInputType.textFieldFINANCE
150apPaymentHeaderIdAp Payment Header IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
160srcEntityNameSrc Entity NamedeferredSelectDEFAULT
170srcEntityIdSrc Entity IdInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
180buOrgIdBu Org IddeferredSelectREFERENCE
190documentTypeDocument TypeInputType.selectCONTROL
200paymentTypePayment TypeInputType.selectCONTROL
210paymentNumberPayment NumberInputType.textFieldDATA
220docNumberDoc NumberInputType.textFieldDATA
230apSupplierIdAp Supplier IddeferredSelectREFERENCE
240apSupplierSiteIdAp Supplier Site IddeferredSelectREFERENCE
250hrEmployeeIdHr Employee IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
270billToIdBill To IddeferredSelectPLANNING
280priceListHeaderIdPrice List Header IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
290prePaymentAmountPre Payment AmountInputType.textFieldFINANCE
300docCurrencyDoc CurrencydeferredSelectFINANCE
310paymentTermIdPayment Term IddeferredSelectREFERENCE
320paymentTermDatePayment Term DateInputType.dateDATE
330exchangeRateTypeExchange Rate TypedeferredSelectCONTROL
340exchangeRateExchange RateInputType.textFieldFINANCE
350sourceTypeSource TypeInputType.selectCONTROL
360referenceTableReference TableInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
370orderReferenceIdOrder Reference IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
380docStatusDoc StatusInputType.selectCONTROL
390referenceTypeReference TypeInputType.textFieldCONTROL
400referenceKeyNameReference Key NameInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
410referenceKeyValueReference Key ValueInputType.numberREFERENCE
420approvalStatusApproval StatusInputType.selectCONTROL
470revEnabledCbRev Enabled CbInputType.switchFieldDEFAULT
480revNumberRev NumberInputType.numberDATA
490glAcProfileHeaderIdGl Ac Profile Header IddeferredSelectREFERENCE
500glPeriodIdGl Period IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
510apTransactionHeaderIdAp Transaction Header IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
5430createdByCreated ByInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
5440creationDateCreation DateInputType.dateTimeREFERENCE
5450lastUpdatedByLast Updated ByInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
5460lastUpdateDateLast Update DateInputType.dateTimeREFERENCE


You can add multiple lines to each payment header. Each payment line contains an item, UOM, price, etc.

Navigate to the lines tab to view/add/update lines.
Click on the add new entity to add a new line. If a line already exists, click on copy entity to copy all the details. You can enable/disable fields allowed to be copied in the menu configuration.

Line Number: Line number is a mandatory field. Enter a numeric value for the line

amount: Amount is a mandatory field. Enter a numeric value for the amount.

The entity group shows information related to business organization, supplier, etc.

The reference groups show various ids for reference only. You don't need to enter any information in this section. When you save payment for the first time, the system will auto-populate the newly created header id and line ids.

The header price is the sum of all the amounts. You don't need to enter any price at the payment header. In the finance section, enter the exchange rate and currency if the values are different from the header.

Scroll left, right, up, and down view all other fields.

Enter all the other fields and click on the save button to save the payment. The app will post all the data to the server and will show the messages returned from the server.

All Fields
NameSequenceLabelInputTypeField Group
10vvPaymentNumberPayment NumberInputType.textFieldDATA
10vvDocNumberDoc NumberInputType.textFieldDATA
20vvDocCurrencyDoc CurrencydeferredSelectFINANCE
30vvExchangeRateExchange RateInputType.textFieldFINANCE
40vvExchangeRateTypeExchange Rate TypedeferredSelectCONTROL
50vvBuOrgIdBu Org IddeferredSelectREFERENCE
60apPaymentLineIdAp Payment Line IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
70srcEntityNameSrc Entity NamedeferredSelectDEFAULT
80srcEntityIdSrc Entity IdInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
90apPaymentHeaderIdAp Payment Header IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
100apTransactionLineIdAp Transaction Line IddeferredSelectREFERENCE
110lineNumberLine NumberInputType.numberDATA
130docStatusDoc StatusInputType.selectCONTROL
140referenceDocTypeReference Doc TypeInputType.textFieldCONTROL
150referenceDocNumberReference Doc NumberInputType.numberDATA
160lineDocumentTypeLine Document TypeInputType.textFieldCONTROL
170lineDescriptionLine DescriptionInputType.textFieldDEFAULT
180approvalStatusApproval StatusInputType.selectCONTROL
190discountCodeDiscount CodedeferredSelectFINANCE
200lineDiscountAmountLine Discount AmountInputType.textFieldFINANCE
5210createdByCreated ByInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
5220creationDateCreation DateInputType.dateTimeREFERENCE
5230lastUpdatedByLast Updated ByInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
5240lastUpdateDateLast Update DateInputType.dateTimeREFERENCE


The system creates two details for each line :

  • First line to debit cash
  • Second line to credit receivables.

Though you don't need to regularly review/update payment detail lines, It's advisable to review accounts and amounts after setup changes.

Depending upon your configuration, the details of a line are shown either on a separate tab or in the links section of lines.

Click on the Details button below a line to view/update/create details. By default, when saving any line system adds detail with the price and account details. You can add multiple details and change the price/quantity as per your actual requirement.

Click on the expandable button to view the fields of a detail line.

To create a new detail, click on Add New Line button. You can also copy an existing detail line to a new one by clicking on the Copy Line button.

In the data section, enter the detail line number. The system always creates the first line as line number 1, but you can change it. While adding a new detail line, enter a detail line number as its mandatory field. Enter the detail quantity in the quantity field.

The reference groups show various ids for reference only. You don't need to enter any information in this section.

All Fields
NameSequenceLabelInputTypeField Group
10vvPaymentNumberPayment NumberInputType.textFieldDATA
20vvDocNumberDoc NumberInputType.textFieldDATA
30vvLineAmountLine AmountInputType.textFieldFINANCE
40apPaymentDetailIdAp Payment Detail IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
50srcEntityNameSrc Entity NamedeferredSelectDEFAULT
60srcEntityIdSrc Entity IdInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
70apPaymentLineIdAp Payment Line IdInputType.numberREFERENCE
80detailNumberDetail NumberInputType.numberDATA
90acIdAc IddeferredSelectREFERENCE
100drCrDr CrInputType.selectDEFAULT
110accountTypeAccount TypeInputType.selectCONTROL
130journalCreatedCbJournal Created CbInputType.switchFieldDEFAULT
150referenceTypeReference TypeInputType.textFieldCONTROL
160referenceKeyNameReference Key NameInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
170referenceKeyValueReference Key ValueInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
5190createdByCreated ByInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
5200creationDateCreation DateInputType.dateTimeREFERENCE
5210lastUpdatedByLast Updated ByInputType.textFieldREFERENCE
5220lastUpdateDateLast Update DateInputType.dateTimeREFERENCE


Actions allow you to change the status of the payment. The system creates payments in draft status. When you are ready to publish the payment and send it to the supplier, change it to Confirmed. You can cancel a payment by clicking on the Cancel button. Similarly, you can close any payment by clicking on the Close button.

Payment journal lines can be created for confirmed payments.


The system creates the corresponding detail line when you save any payment line. If you enter any accounting profile on the payment header, the system will use the accounting profile to derive the accounts. Else, the system will use the default accounting profile for the business unit.


When you enter payment and match to an invoice, Receivables creates the following journal entry:

DR Liability
CR Cash

Advance Payment

DR PrePayment
CR Cash